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Full Speed Ahead? Not So Fast.

    Are you going stir crazy or not yet? I am! Yes, I love the change of seasons. I even enjoy winter; given a warm coat, a bowl of hot soup, time by the fireplace, and not having to drive on icy roads . . . that is. The Seasons of Change model is the foundation of my coaching practice. There's a reason for that. Not only is there infinite beauty in each season but they also provide us with guidance that can ease our anxiety about change and infuse our transition - from what was to what will be - with meaning and purpose. Two days ago, I found three ants crawling ar...
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You Got Rhythm

  The surprisingly positive changes that come from listening to your personal rhythm My mother loved to dance. She taught me how to listen and feel the rhythm of the music. "You can't dance if you don't have rhythm," she used to say. She taught me the waltz and the tango, and some folk dances. The Flamenco from Spain, the Kalinka and the Cossack from Russia, the Tarantella from Italy, and of course a number of Greek regional dances.  Music and dancing were a big part of my childhood and the main form of entertainment during family gatherings, national holidays, seasonal celebrations, a...
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