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Seasons of Change

Full Speed Ahead? Not So Fast.

    Are you going stir crazy or not yet? I am! Yes, I love the change of seasons. I even enjoy winter; given a warm coat, a bowl of hot soup, time by the fireplace, and not having to drive on icy roads . . . that is. The Seasons of Change model is the foundation of my coaching practice. There's a reason for that. Not only is there infinite beauty in each season but they also provide us with guidance that can ease our anxiety about change and infuse our transition - from what was to what will be - with meaning and purpose. Two days ago, I found three ants crawling ar...
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Worth Singing About

This the time of the year when everything around us points to new beginnings, rebirth, and renewal. It's the time when we too have the chance to turn a new proverbial leaf and imagine endless possibilities! What is this season going to bring? What seeds are you dreaming of sowing? How are you planning to nurture your garden? What will bloom in it? What have you learned from past years that can help you navigate this new season? What has been lingering in your mind during the darkness of winter? Is there an idea, a hope, a dream that's tagging on you? Don't you think it's time to bring it o...
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Dare to Dream: Endings and New Beginnings

There is a stream that cuts across our back yard. Yesterday, it seemed completely frozen. Yet, as I looked at it up close I realized that, right under the ice, there was this faint vein of water moving. There is life at the bottom of this stream. There are frogs, fish, and all kinds of creatures snug in the mud, waiting and preparing for the thaw. Spring is coming and when the temperatures are right and the environment hospitable, they'll find their way to the surface and they'll begin yet another cycle. We too are creatures of nature. We live our life in cycles; endings and new beginnings...
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Spring Forward

On Wednesday, March 20 at 7:09 am EST, Spring, the season of pushing through and birthing what's new in our lives, made her entrance! It's difficult to tell where I live. There is still snow on the ground although it's melting fast. The weather report is warning us of yet another snow storm coming on Monday. It works like this, as one season gives way to the next; dancing the tango . . . two steps forward, one step backwards, and so we go round the seasons. Saturday morning, I made my usual rounds to the recycling center, post office, dropping the girls to their various activities and...
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