The Seasons of Change by the Season

The Seasons of Change by the Season


What are the messages and guidance each season provides at times of change and transition?

 Fall: Time of Sensing a Shift

DSCN6165You’re likely to be in Fall if you are getting news of change or you’re worrying while you wait for news.

While you’re in Fall focus your attention on:

– Acknowledging that changes are happening in your life

– Getting the support you need to make it through

– Creating a safe refuge where you can weather out the storms ahead

At the same time, do what you can to avoid these detours:

– Denying the changes that are occurring in your life

– Jumping at the first option that shows up

– Being a lone ranger and trying to do it all alone

Early Winter: A Time of Retreating and Reflecting

DSC_0087You’re likely to be in Early Winter if you’re feeling tired, feeling confused about all or part of your life, or trying to avoid social events.

While you’re in Early Winter focus your attention on:

– Renewing yourself

– Creating quiet time for yourself

– Reflecting on your situation, your desires, and your ideal

At the same time, do what you can to avoid these detours:

– Staying so busy you can’t focus inward

– Starting something new so you won’t have to feel the chaos within

– Forcing yourself to be happy when you aren’t

Winter Solstice: Catching Sparks of Hope in the Darkness

DSCN4450You’re likely to be experiencing your Winter Solstice if you are in the dark and feeling the imminent birth of an insight.

During your Winter Solstice time, focus your attention on:

– Turning things upside down to look at your life from new perspectives

– Drawing a line in the sand and say enough is enough

– Telling a new story about your past to find new doors to the future

At the same time, do what you can to avoid these detours:

– Avoiding your quiet time

– Being in a toxic environment

– Being wedded to one solution

Late Winter: A Time of Defining Your Vision

IMG_0962You’re likely to be in Late Winter if you are catching new insights and seeing glimmers of Spring.

While you’re in Late Winter, focus your attention on:

– Following your insights wherever they take you

– Clearing out the old in your space, your to-do list, and your mind

– Creating a plan for your future

At the same time, do what you can to avoid these detours:

– Ignoring your insights

– Doing what you’ve always done because it’s more comfortable than stretching

– Charging ahead without a clear picture of where you’re going

Spring: A Time of New Growth

You’re likely to be in Spring if you’re bursting witDSC_0042h energy and struggling with your reentry into your life.

While you’re in Spring, focus your attention on:

– Trusting your own timing

– Birthing what’s new in your life

– Blossoming fully into the new you

At the same time, do what you can to avoid these detours:

– Making no forward movement

– Ignoring your inner knowing

Summer: A Time of Celebrating Your Harvest

You’re likely to be in Summer if you’re feelingDSC_0649
clear and confident and your life is abundant.

While you’re in Summer, focus your attention on:

– Allowing what is new in your life to ripen in its own time

– Savoring your success

– Celebrating and playing

At the same time, do what you can to avoid these detours:

– Raising your definition of success so you never succeed

– Backing down from what’s going well in your life

– Being a worrywort about what’s to come in the future

If you’re in the middle of a life transition and feeling overwhelmed and confused, you’ll find it helpful to understand the season you are in — in more detail.

Understanding where you’re on the journey, where to direct your energy and how you’re likely to feel in each season can be reassuring.