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Take the plunge – Expect a miracle


It all started with a silly picture and before I knew it, I was invited to be part of the Business Bloggers Mastermind Group that Tea Silvestre (of Story Bistro) facilitates.

A couple of hours after that, I attended my first meeting and before the night was over, I’d
committed to writing a blog post every week — for eight weeks — and have it reviewed by the group.

Had I just lost my mind? 

It’s possible, but not because I joined the group.

I’d better start from the beginning.

A few days before joining the Bloggers Mastermind, I’d discovered Téa’s website and blog and loved what she had to say.

Her approach to marketing resonated with me. I joined her mailing list and “liked” her Facebook page.
I wanted to know more.

It’s not often I get excited about marketing. 

I confess that, marketing for me, is one of the deadly sins. Marketing brings the cynic out in me and, over the years, I’ve established a love/hate relationship with it.

Yet, you know what they say, “You can’t live with it and you can’t live without it.

Back to Téa . . .

Within a couple of days of signing up for her newsletter and liking her page, I noticed an announcement on my Facebook wall. 

Téa was launching a Mastermind Group for Business Bloggers and wanted to gift a seat.
She believes in paying it forward and, as I came to find out, she’s a generous and gracious host.

She’d posted the link to an article that contained 50 wacky and unexplainable pictures.
She asked those who were interested in winning a seat in her group to come up with a title for a blog post based on a photo of their choice. 

It was the final day of the contest and, on a whim, I decided to take the plunge, and submit my title . . . ‘Take the plunge; Expect a miracle.” I went on with my day, not really expecting to hear from her.

Within two hours, Téa had contacted me and offered me a seat at her Mastermind Group. Wow. 

Now, please understand. I’m not one who participates in contests and I am that person who has a
hard time receiving.

I’d never even thought of participating in a bloggers mastermind group. I don’t consider myself a blogger.

I’m a life coach and mentor who loves to write. My attempts at blogging are best described as . . . ready, set, go . . . write for a couple of weeks, get stuck, and take a really long break. 

With each failed attempt at sticking with it, I retreated deeper and deeper into the abyss of “Please don’t make me do this.”

Very soon, this was about to change.

As I write this, today is the last day for this round of the Mastermind Group.

For the past eight weeks, I sat down, every Monday, and wrote a new post. Every week, I did rewrites on the post based on the comments and suggestions that the group gave me. I’ve even published three of my blog posts.

For me, what happened with the mastermind group was a small miracle.

It’s one of these little things that can happen along someone’s journey that can cause a much-needed and meaningful change.

Usually we think of miracles as something big. Like overcoming a serious illness, or getting sworn enemies to find common ground.

I believe that miracles come in packages of all shapes and sizes. They can be as small as an act of random kindness, a smile, or a much-needed word of encouragement to a stranger. 

They can also come in the form of an unexpected offering . . . like a seat in a bloggers’ mastermind group.

When this happens, I’m filled with gratitude. Not only because what I received was special to me. I’m also filled with gratitude for being reminded about goodness, generosity, and serendipity.

The Universe affirmed for me – again — that support and inspiration can come out of nowhere. When we’re ready to aim higher, people we didn’t even know existed, can step in, at any time, to give us what we need and usher us forward.

Over the last eight weeks, I got back to writing and being excited about the process. I learned a few things like:

Bloggers are writers.

Blogging is not for the weak at heart. It takes discipline, resilience, and the willingness to take the plunge every time we sit down to face the blank page.

There is power in groups. 

Groups are made of individuals who have different styles and temperaments. What matters is that they come together to work toward  a common goal. Sometimes the group is brilliant and other times we may be tired and distracted, but onwards we march. 

Groups keep us honest. Givers become receivers and receivers become givers. With a strong facilitator, clear ground rules, and commitment, magic happens.

Opening ourselves to having our work reviewed and evaluated can be liberating. I can listen to comments and make a decision. Do I want to make the changes or not? The choice is always mine. 

As of today, I feel clearer about the direction of my blog. I feel that my writing is becoming deeper and cleaner.

I still worry about my consistency, but I’m already thinking of ways to maintain the writing discipline. I’m placing higher expectations on myself and my ability to write meaningful posts because I know that with practice and persistence, I can do this well.

What about you? Is there anything in your life, right now, that asks for a fresh perspective?

Have you been feeling for a while that it’s time to take the plunge and try something completely new?

If you feel like sharing with us, go ahead, post a comment, or contact me directly.

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Yota Schneider

Yota is a mentor, teacher, and retreat leader who helps people navigate life’s inevitable changes mindfully and intentionally. Her approach is deeply influenced by her cultural roots, work and life experience, and her long-term practice of mindfulness meditation.
In addition to her work with individual clients, Yota speaks and writes on mindful living, overcoming self-doubt, and the art of letting go.
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10 thoughts on “Take the plunge – Expect a miracle

  1. Yota, it was SUCH a pleasure to get to know you during this blogging mastermind. (I only wish I was able to complete all 8 posts this round.)

    As far as fresh perspective, I’m spending time reflecting on my website and what I want it to convey. How to keep it authentic, when it’s so easy to “follow” what other successful coaches have done. It’s faster to “copy,” but then you lose your uniqueness. You don’t resonate the same way.

    I know it’s time to “take the plunge” with this project. While I feel an urge to rush it, I’m finding that allowing some time and silence to enter, the future path is becoming more clear. (Next step will be to find the time to make it happen…that might actually be harder.)

    1. Hi Lisa,
      Thank you for stopping by. I had a wonderful time working with you. I’m looking forward to more.
      I hear your dilemma but I don’t think you need to worry. You certainly have a clear and authentic voice. You’re on your way.
      I’m glad to hear that you’re allowing for silence these days. Silence can be a powerhouse of possibilities and creative ideas. I have no doubt that, pretty soon, you’ll have the clarity and inspiration you need.
      As for finding the time, you might have noticed from past experience, that once the fires of inspiration and motivation have been lit inside, there’s nothing stopping us.
      When the time is right, you’ll make it happen. No doubt!

  2. “I believe that miracles come in packages of all shapes and sizes.” Yes, they do! All we have to do is open our hearts and minds to notice them.

    I believe awakening every day is a miracle — being granted and graced with another opportunity to fill up the hours however we choose and make every breath count is nothing short of miraculous. 🙂

    Meeting you via the blogging mastermind added a wonderful blessing to my life.

    WRITE ON!!

    1. Hi Melanie,
      I love your outlook. I wouldn’t have expected anything different from you. It was such a pleasure getting to share those eight weeks with you. You’re an inspiration.

  3. Yota, Congratulations on taking advantage of an opportunity and making so much of it!

    I appreciate your statement that “Blogging is not for the weak at heart. It takes discipline, resilience, and the willingness to take the plunge every time we sit down to face the blank page.” My blog serves as an outlet for all of the ideas rushing around in my head. I have no trouble facing the blank page. My trouble lies in finishing a posting – I have almost 100 right now in some stage of completion. I can’t help but wonder what more discipline around my blogging practice could result in.

    I appreciate you sharing your journey and giving me something to think about with respect to where I want to take my own blogging.



    1. Wow, Andrea, “”almost 100 posts in some stage of completion.” I’m turning yellow with envy. That’s wonderful. I wonder what stops you from publishing.
      Have you thought of putting them into “buckets?” What I mean is organizing them by themes and topics. Then, maybe you can take a yearly calendar and plug in your themes along with the posts for each theme. This way you can have something to post every week for the next two years:-))
      If you want, check Tea’s site I’m pretty sure she’ll be facilitating another mastermind group in the fall.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Yota,
    Your posts always hit their mark! I find that every time I click on an article it says something I need to hear or think about. Sometimes I find the time to reply. Sometimes I think about replying.

    Yes, there are things that I have thought long and hard about – trying to decide whether to commit to them or not. About a month ago I not only decided to commit, but I took the plunge.

    I have had a blog, neglected in the past six months, one you are familiar with. A blog I started to reclaim my adventurous spirit. I plan to continue that blog.

    But I increasingly felt the need to start a new one, and so I did. My new blog is dedicated to sharing with others what it is like to be a mother with a daughter who struggles with serious depression and anxiety. Also it will chronicle our path to obtaining a service dog for her. I hope that my blog will help others feel not so very alone and that I can provide information that may help other parents struggling on their own. What has held me back? The sense that this is my daughter’s journey and not mine for the telling. I have her blessing, so I move forward. Also, we still have so much shame connected with mental illness, despite the fact that so many people suffer with it.

    Finally I have decided not to hide any more. No more shame.

    I spread my wings and fly.

    Thanks for always inspiring me through everything. You have no idea how much it has meant.

    Best wishes for continued writing stamina.

    1. Hi Lynda,
      Thank you so much for your loving and encouraging words. Above all, know that I feel honored by your trust and your willingness to share your personal struggle and process. Count on me visiting your blog. I am looking forward to reading about your journey.
      Never neglect your adventurous spirit. It will give you strength, stamina, and inspiration. Your daughter sounds lovely. All my love to both of you.

  5. Thanks, Yota. You have been a big inspiration to me as I have navigated this journey. You have helped me immeasurably.

    I continue to let go of things and shed things, beliefs and stubbornness that gets in my way. I think of you when a purge comes on! Actually, I’m in the middle of making space to a degree I’ve never known before. Just not wanting to hang on to the “stuff” of years past.

    Keep doing what you are doing. You are inspirational on a level that reaches farther than you can know.


    1. I am so happy to hear that the Letting Go course keeps unfolding for you. Good for you! Who needs dead weight holding them back when there is so much life to be lived? Thank you for sharing the good news. I loved hearing it.

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