The Art of Moving Forward: Endings and New Beginnings

The Art of Moving Forward: Endings and New Beginnings

If it ain’t blooming, let it go! 

Because you can’t move forward with one foot in the past and one in the future.

What kind of transition are you negotiating?

  • Career changes
  • Retirement
  • Divorce
  • Relocation
  • Health issues
  • Loss
  • Changes in the family structure such as the arrival of a new baby and empty nest syndrome

If you’ve been through a major life change, you already know that uncertainty and confusion are part of the process.

You may have initiated the change but you still have to figure out what comes next and what your role is going to be.

It’s been confusing and you haven’t felt yourself for a while now. Then something began to change again.
You’re beginning to feel energetic and you’re seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

The ideas keep coming but you’re not sure about your direction. You don’t want to make the wrong decision.

This course can help you get your answers. Join me!

Time to hone your brand new vision, develop your plan, and jump into action.

During this course we’ll work together to help you:

  • Honor the past
  • Identify that which doesn’t serve you anymore and let it go
  • Envision your future
  • Create your action plan, and
  • Move forward.

When: On demand

Where: The course is facilitated through an online-learning platform.. You can take it in the comfort of your home or office and work at your own pace and timing.

How: Instructor led – Self-directed – Highly interactive – Online platform

Tuition: $99


What makes this course different?

This is a highly interactive course where you get the opportunity to . . .

  • Engage with dynamic material that has been developed with you in mind
  • Interact with like-minded people and engage in lively and meaningful conversations
  • Share your challenges, perspectives, and insights, and receive immediate feedback
  • Receive personalized attention and coaching throughout the course

It’s not the kind of course where you sign up and you’re left on your own.

  • I will be with you every step of the way, supporting you, asking questions, giving you feedback, and being available for questions and extra support.

Here’s what some of past participants are saying:


“This was one of the best workshops I have ever participated in. The design allowed the participants to work independently and on their own schedule within the framework of the deadlines. The privacy of the participants was ensured so they could safely post their observations and comment on each other’s posts. Yota’s insightful and supportive feedback and her ability to focus on exactly the right issue, help clarify it, and get things moving were invaluable. I got a tremendous amount of insights, ideas, validation, and acknowledgement from participating. I would highly recommend this course to anyone. Whether there is a particular question or issue one is faced with or not, this course is an incredible gift of self-discovery.”
“This is an amazing course; full of unique and helpful content. The discussion points allowed this web-based course to offer opportunities for rich interaction between participants. Yota responded to comments throughout the course, always providing accurate and valuable insights. I’m grateful for this opportunity and learned far more than I had anticipated.”


“Yota is tremendously insightful, non-judgmental, validating and encouraging. She seems to know and understand me without knowing me personally! Her comments were right on target. The guidance and inspiration of the course came at just the right time in my life. I’d recommend it to anyone who would make the commitment to stay attentive and complete the activities.”


How does the course work?

  • If you choose to take this course by yourself (on demand), every Monday and Thursday – for the duration of the course – you’ll receive an email notifying you that the next chapter is ready.
  • If you take it with a group, you can move at your own pace.
  • Each module contains course units. Upon completion of each course unit, you’ll gain access to the next one. As you move through the course, you’ll be checking off the activities as you complete them and will have the opportunity to share your insights with the community.

What to expect:

  • Allow yourself 20-30 minutes per day to:
  • Review the material
  • Reflect and complete the coaching exercises (Yes, there will be homework)
  • Share your insights and engage with the community

This is a highly interactive course. The material is designed to take you to greater levels of clarity and understanding, and help you take meaningful actions.

Course fee: $99

Payment accepted via PayPal.