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Worth Singing About

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This the time of the year when everything around us points to new beginnings, rebirth, and renewal. It’s the time when we too have the chance to turn a new proverbial leaf and imagine endless possibilities!

What is this season going to bring? What seeds are you dreaming of sowing? How are you planning to nurture your garden? What will bloom in it?

What have you learned from past years that can help you navigate this new season? What has been lingering in your mind during the darkness of winter? Is there an idea, a hope, a dream that’s tagging on you? Don’t you think it’s time to bring it out in the open and take some action steps to manifest your dream?

Why not try? A new season, a new set of circumstances. Maybe this is the year to stop dreaming and start doing.

Start by doing something for yourself today. Celebrate you for a change; the whole you. Start where you are . . .

Move your body . . . Go outside for a walk, breathe deeply, feel the fresh air. Take in the view and notice what happens. What are you thinking about? What words or images are coming forth? Do you feel inspired?

Look at your physical space . . . is there anything that you’d like to change? Sometimes, when faced with big projects and challenging changes, the simple act of de-cluttering our physical space can get our creative juices and determination going.

Indulge your senses . . . Treat yourself to some flowers, change your computer screen to something that inspires you and makes you feel happy to look at, listen to your favorite music, sing, read a poem, take a picture, doodle, put something colorful on, light a candle, smile for no apparent reason.

Remember . . .

“Anything worth thinking about is worth singing about.” ~ Bob Dylan, The Essential Interviews

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Yota Schneider

Yota is a mentor, teacher, and retreat leader who helps people navigate life’s inevitable changes mindfully and intentionally. Her approach is deeply influenced by her cultural roots, work and life experience, and her long-term practice of mindfulness meditation.
In addition to her work with individual clients, Yota speaks and writes on mindful living, overcoming self-doubt, and the art of letting go.
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11 thoughts on “Worth Singing About

    1. Hi Ellen, I can’t wait. I do tend to turn into a couch potato during winter. I think my Greek DNA refuses to adjust to the NorthEast:-) I crave warm temperatures and sunshine. I am at my best come Spring.

  1. Thanks for this post Yota. We’re still waiting for spring here on the North Coast (it snowed again today), but my husband and I, prompted by our vegan son are celebrating the change of seasons with a full makeover of our diet. The change in our energy levels is phenomenal and the increased energy has us looking forward to spring even more.

    1. Thank you for stopping by, Andrea:-) So far so good for us. No snow yet. Phew! It’s wonderful that you chose a full makeover in your diet to celebrate the change of seasons. I love this idea. I find that I eat differently during different seasons. My body craves different foods. Do you mind sharing some of the changes you made?

  2. I love all of your suggestions for our bodies, spaces, and senses. Spring expresses itself abundantly in the amazing changes and blooms…it’s hard NOT to be inspired to action.

    I have many seeds to sow…but the one I’m working on first is making a commitment to walk every day. I’ve been indoors too much over the winter and it’s time to GET OUT! On these walks I enjoy my heart beating fast, the changing scent in the air, and new buds appearing on the paths. All very encouraging.

    1. I’m with you Linda:-) As I shared with Ellen, winter is not good for me. I lose my motivation. All I want to do is stay warm. Come Spring though I become a new person. Good for you for making the commitment to walk every day. I’m looking forward to seeing the treasures you’ll be discovering on Instagram and your blog:-)

  3. Sure Yota. I’m happy to share, because we’ve enjoyed it so much. We’ve adopted a vegetarian diet but many of our meals are vegan. Lots of fruits, tons of vegetables, dark greens, brown rice and whole grains. Every once in awhile we add some eggs to vegetable fried rice or some cheese to pasta or veggie pizza. We’re having a lot of fun experimenting with foods we’ve never tried or assumed we disliked. For instance, my husband has decided that sweet potatoes, brussel sprouts and squash are really pretty good – who would’ve ever guessed this from a man who categorically refused to eat any of these foods for the first 26 years of our marriage. I’ve decided that avocado is absolutely delicious when mixed with brown sugar, cocoa powder and vanilla soy milk, to create an amazing pudding. I’ve never liked avocados, but if you like dark chocolate, this pudding will knock your socks off.

    1. Thank you for sharing Andrea. It’s wonderful that you and your husband were willing to try something new and it seems that the rewards have been many. Avocados are a staple in my diet but I never used them in dessert making. I’ll have to try and make this chocolate pudding. It sounds really yummy.

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